high performance building

There’s a lot of talk these days about “green” building and a lot of corresponding confusion about what that means. Rather than attempt to address even the most basic issues here, suffice to say that Six Degrees Construction Company welcomes the questions and the opportunity to explore how the issues of green or natural building and sustainability can best be applied to the specifics of our individual client’s needs and desires.

• Timber-framing is not only a building practice with incredible longevity and a fantastic use of recycled and sustainably harvested timber; but also lends itself to incorporating alternative, natural building systems like strawbale and straw-clay or straw-woodchip wall systems.

• Access to FSC, recycled and local sustainable harvested lumber and timber for both timber-framed and conventional construction.

• Strong commitment to using local businesses as suppliers of materials and labor and to using local materials and energy sources when available.

• Partnerships with HVAC contractors addressing issues of energy efficiencies: radiant heat, Heat Ventilation Recovery systems, solar water heating systems, photovoltaic, geothermal heat systems and high efficiency insulation practices.

• Practical knowledge of alternative wall-wrap systems.

• Many successful partnerships with architects and designers specializing in green and natural building practices.

• Use of low VOC paints and floor finishes in addition to working with contractors specializing in natural earth plasters.

• Strong commitment to proper disposal of construction wastes: wood recovery, recycling, eco-sort.